Friday, March 16, 2007

NCAA Men's Division 1: Round 1, Day 2

By Robert H. Kelly

Day 2 of the first round was a bit better for my predictions. I picked 12 correct while only missing four. That gives me a 23-9 record with a winning percentage of 71.875.

Here are my picks and how they went. First the correct selections.

Florida wins 112-69 over Jackson State

Purdue wins 72-63 over Arizona

Oregon wins 58-56 over Miami (Ohio)

Wisconsin wins 76-63 over Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Kansas wins 107-67 over Niagara

Kentucky wins 67-58 over Villanova

Texas wins 79-67 over New Mexico State

Southern California wins 77-60 over Arkansas

Tennessee wins 121-86 Long Beach State

Virginia wins 84-57 over Albany

Nevada wins 77-71 over Creighton

Memphis wins 73-58 over North Texas

My incorrect predictions were:

Illinois loses 54-52 to Virginia Tech
(A two point loss. It could happen to everyone.)

Holy Cross loses 61-51 to Southern Illinois
(What can I say. I just missed this one.)

Georgia Tech loses to UNLV 67-63
(I was in Las Vegas when the tournament seeds were announced and UNLV was upset over their seed. I figured they would not regain their composure and lose. I was wrong.)

Notre Dame loses to Winthrop 74-64
(Possibly the biggest upset of the first round.)

Day 2: 12-4
Overall: 23-9

My picks for the second round will be up soon.

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