Sunday, March 18, 2007

NCAA Women's Division 1: Round 1-Day 1

By Robert H. Kelly

I went 13-3 for the first day of round 1 in the 2007 NCAA Women's Division 1 Basketball Tournament. Not following women's collegite basketball much during the season, I didn't have much to refer to in the way of first hand knowledge.

However, looking at their conference finish, strength of schedule, and scores against top ranked opponents aided me in making my selections.

Here are the results. Please feel free to make comments.

The correct predictions:

George Washington wins 76-67 over Boise State

Texas A&M wins 58-50 over University of Texas at Arlington

Iowa State wins 79-60 over Washington

Georgia wins 53-36 over Belmont

Marquette wins 87-58 over Louisiana-Lafayette

Oklahoma wins 74-60 over SE Missouri State

Stanford wins 96-58 over Idaho State

Georgia Tech wins 55-54 over DePaul

West Virginia wins 65-52 over Xavier

Middle Tennessee wins 85-46 over Gonzaga

Louisville wins 80-54 over Brigham Young

Arizona State wins 57-50 over UC Riverside

Purdue wins 63-42 over Oral Roberts

Old Dominion loses 85-75 to Florida State
(It was close at times, but not close enough to make my pick correct.)

North Carolina-Asheville 77-39 loses to LSU
(Oops. I really messed up on this one. Oh well, predicting upsets is what this is all about.)

Ohio State loses to Marist 67-63
(An upset that I guess, very few if any, predicted.)

Totals: 13-3, for 81.25%.

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