Sunday, March 18, 2007

NCAA Women's Divsion 1: 2nd Round Predictions

By Robert H. Kelly

Here are my second round predictions. Let's hope I can keep up my prediction percentage. I am not seeing many posts on other blogs about the women's tournament.

I hoped more people would take and interest and post about it. That is half the fun of making the the predictions and discussing them with others

Please feel free to make any comments and express your views about my picks.

Here I go with my predictions for the second round:

Dallas Region
North Carolina over Notre Dame
Texas A&M over George Washington
Georgia over Iowa State
Purdue over Georgia Tech

Dayton Region
Tennessee over Pittsburgh

Middle Tennessee over Marist
Oklahoma over Marquette
Maryland over Mississippi

Fresno Region
Connecticut over Wisconsin-Green Bay
Baylor over North Carolina State
LSU over West Virginia
Stanford over Florida State

Greensboro Region
Duke over Temple
Michigan State over Rutgers
Louisville over Arizona State
Vanderbilt over Bowling Green

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