Sunday, March 18, 2007

NCAA Women's Division 1: Round 1, Day 2 Results

By Robert H. Kelly

The first round of the women's tournament is complete. I did do a bit better on the women's side than I did on the men's side.

Round two begins tomorrow. I will have my predictions up in my next post.

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Correct picks:

Notre Dame wins 62-59 over California

North Carolina State wins 84-52 over Robert Harris

Vanderbilt wins 62-47 over Delaware State

Maryland wins 89-65 over Harvard

Baylor wins 68-55 over Chattanooga

North Carolina wins 95-28 over Prairie View

Tennessee wins 76-37 over Drake

Duke wins 81-44 over Holy Cross

Michigan State wins 69-58 over Delaware

Pittsburgh wins 71-61 over James Madison

Connecticut wins 83-33 over University of Maryland-BC

Temple wins 64-61 over Nebraska

Rutgers wins 77-34 over East Carolina

Oklahoma State loses 70-66 to Bowling Green
(Another close game of close seeds.)

TCU loses 86-72 to Mississippi
(I felt TCU would do wee after their conference tournament.)

New Mexico loses 59-52 to Wisconsin-Green Bay
(Another upset I didn't see coming.)

Today: 13-3
Total: 26-6 for 81.25%

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