Sunday, March 25, 2007

NCAA Men's Division 1: Elite 8 Results

By Robert H. Kelly

The Elite Eight games are complete. Four teams are left. The FINAL FOUR. Four team have made it to the show. Now the fun begins. Four teams will mean in two games to determine who plays in the BIG GAME.

I went two for two in the Elite Eight. My prediction of all four number one seed getting to the Final Four was flawed. However, predictions are predictions. If anyone could predict the outcome of all the games, the bookmakers would never stay in business.

Here are my results.

Correct picks:

Ohio State wins 92-76 over Memphis

Florida wins 85-77 over Oregon

Incorrect picks:

Kansas loses 68-55 to UCLA

North Carolina loses 96-84 to Georgetown

Today: 2-2
Total: 43-17 for 71.67%

The Final Four will see Ohio State versus Georgetown and UCLA versus Florida.

I will post my predictions and rational for them by midweek.

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