Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NCAA Men's Division 1: Sweet Sixteen Picks

By Robert H. Kelly

We have finally arrived at the Sweet 16. 48 teams, or 49 if you count the play in game, have been sent home. In a couple of day, 8 more will be sent packing. I struggled for a while and as usual, I resorted to "feelings" for soem of my selections. As I post the picks, I will attempt to give you my reasons for their selection.

As usual, here I go:

Florida over Butler (Butler's luck will run out. They cannot stay with Florida.)

UNLV over Oregon (I am finally giving in UNLV. I hope this choice doesn't come back to haunt me.)

Kansas over USC (Kansas is on fire. They will run away with this game.)

Pittsburgh over UCLA (I was born in Pittsburgh and must go with my birthplace.)

North Carolina over USC (NC's shooting is HOT. USC will not be able to keep up.)

Georgetown over Vanderbilt (I have a gut feeling. It might be my dinner, but it might be about this game.)

Ohio State over Tennessee (The Buckeyes will keep it close at the beginning of the game. The Volunteers will fall in the final minutes.)

Texas A&M over Memphis (The Aggies have been getting better all season. Memphis will put forth their best effort of the season, but will fall short.)

By Friday evening, we will know the Elite Eight. As they say in the movies, "The plot thickens."