Sunday, March 18, 2007

NCAA Men's Division 1: Round 2, Day 2

By Robert H. Kelly

The first two rounds are over. Sixteen teams have made it this far. For the other 48, it is a long flight home, with thoughts of what have could have been and what will come in the future.

The Sweet Sixteen will start on Thursday. I will have my picks up by that time. In bewteen, I will try to post some thoughts on each of the eight games.

Here is the outcome of my day 2, round 2 picks, along with my overall record.

Correct picks
Oregon wins 75-61 over Winthrop

Tennessee wins 77-74 over Virginia

Florida wins 74-67 over Purdue

Southern Illinois wins 63-48 over Virginia Tech

Memphis wins 78-62 over Nevada

Kansas wins 88-76 over Kentucky

Incorrect picks.
Wisconsin loses 74-68 to UNLV
(I again went against UNLV. When will I learn.

Texas loses 87-68 to USC
(Being an alumni of Texas, I picked them our of ssetamantality. I must learn to pick teams using my head instaed of my heart)

Today: 6-2
Overall: 36-12 for 75 percent.

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The Trouble With Roy said...

Good job picking the games. You've got a good blog going here. I'll keep checking in!