Saturday, March 17, 2007

NCAA Men's Division 1: Round 2, Day 1

By Robert H. Kelly

I went 7-1 today, only missing one pick. I am pleased with the outcome. It would have been nice to get them all correct, but I would be very surprised if my luck (or skill) holds out with tomorrow's games.

Here we go with the results.

Correct selections:
Butler wins 62-59 over Maryland
Texas A&M wins 72-69 over Louisville
Ohio State wins 78-71 over Xavier
Vanderbilt wins 78-74 over Washington State 2OT
Pittsburgh wins 84-79 over VCU
North Carolina wins 81-67 over Michigan State
UCLA wins 54-49 over Indiana

Incorrect selctions:
Boston College loses 62-55 to Georgetown
(I was hoping for an upset in this game. BC coundn't find a bucket if they had been paid to.)

Today: 7-1
Total: 30-10 for 75%

1 comment:

"Blind Orange" Julius said...

30-10 after today for a winning percentage of .750. That'll do.

How you ever picked a bulldog to beat a terrapin, I'll never know...

It's all for fun, but great picks!