Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NCAA Women's Division 1: Round 2, Day 2

By Robert H. Kelly

Today's results were not much better than yesterday's. I went 4-4, again.

The womem's teams were not playing as I though they would. Predicting the Sweet 16 results will be a bit tough. I am planning on studying the teams before making my selections.

Now, on to my results.

Correct picks:

Tennessee wins 68-54 over Pittsburgh

Duke wins 62-52 over Temple

Connecticut wins 94-70 over Wisconsin-Green Bay

North Carolina wins 60-51 over Notre Dame

Incorrect picks:

Michigan State loses 70-57 over Rutgers
(I thought this game would be closer than it was.)

Baylor loses 78-72 to North Carolina State
(Baylor couldn't hold on to the ball. They fell apart in the final minutes.}

Maryland loses 89-78 over Mississippi
(I have nothing to say. I just missed this one.}

Vanderbilt loses 59-56 to Bowling Green
(Vanderbilt had been playing well into the tournament. They couldn't keep it together at the end.)

Today: 4-4
Total: 34-14 for 70.83%

Look for my Sweet 16 picks later in the week.

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Anonymous said...

lady vols is much better than ,they are playing.pat could tighten up the players.if miss is a star she should play like one.from loving fan,rl fresh