Thursday, March 22, 2007

NCAA Men's Division 1: Sweet 16-Day 1

By Robert H. Kelly

The predictions get harder with some and easier with others. Here are my results. The tournament is progressing along nicely. Some have described this tournament as "boring" and "uneventable." I find it to be the complete opposite. The games have been exciting. What more could a fan want.

Correct picks:
Ohio State wins 85-84 over Tennessee
(The phase “comeback kids” is used too often in sports and journalism. But when you rally from 20 points down win, I cannot think of any other words to use. The phase just fits. )

Kansas wins 61-58 over Southern Illinois
(The Salukis tried to slow the game down, Kansas got down in the dirt for the victory.)

Incorrect picks:
Pittsburgh loses 64-55 to UCLA
(Pittsburgh was a sentimental pick. Sometimes you have to go with your heart and not with your head. This one I missed. Next time, I may not.)

Texas A&M loses 65-64 Memphis (line: TAMU -3)
(The Aggies had too many mistakes in the second half to win. They shot 45% from the floor and 50% from the free throw line. If a team cannot score from the line, they cannot win. The Aggies proved that fact. Memphis shot 66% from line and that proved to be the difference.)

Four team advance to the Elite 8. Four more will get their tickets punched. I will be back tomorrow for more coverage.

Today: 2-2
Total: 38-14 for 73.08%

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