Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NCAA Women's Division 1: Round 2, Day 1

By Robert H. Kelly

Well, I didn't do as well as I had hoped on the first day of the second round. Having only four correct picks is a low for this basketball playoff season.

Perhaps I will raise it a bit on the second day of round two.

Here are my prediction results.

Correct picks:

Georgia wins 76-56 over Iowa State

Oklahoma wins 78-47 over Marquette

Purdue wins 76-63 over Georgia Tech

LSU wins 49-43 over West Virginia

Incorrect picks:

Texas A&M loses 59-47 to George Washington
(The Aggies ran out of steam. It was a nice run for the ladies from College Station.)

Middle Tennessee loses 73-59 to Marist
(Perhaps I will take another look at Marist. I had no idea they are this good.)

Stanford loses 68-61 to Florida State
(Stanford left behind and couldn't catch up at the end of the game. They will be back next year.)

Louisville loses 67-58 to Arizona State
(Arizona State is looking better as they go further in the tournament. I will take another look at them.)

Today: 4-4
Total: 30-10 for 75%

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