Friday, March 20, 2009

First Round Games Results for March 19-20, 2009

By Robert H. Kelly
Copyright 2009 TexSport Publications

DEER PARK, TEXAS (March 20. 2009) The first round of the NCAA men's Division 1 Basketball Championships is completed. 33 games are done and 33 teams are heading home. Yes, I did include the play-in gamer and I think it should be considered part of the tournament.

I correctly predicted 24 of the 33 games for a 72.72% rate. My predictions were 100% for the West Regional but was a dismal 3 for 8 in the Midwest Regional.

I will have my predictions up for the second round shortly.

Here are the games I predicted correctly

West Regional
Connecticut-103 Chattanooga-47
Texas A&M-79 BYU-66
Purdue-61 UNI-56
Washington-71 Mississippi State-58
Maryland-84 California-71
Memphis-81 California State Northridge-70
Marquette-58 Utah State-57
Missouri-78 Cornell-59

East Regional
Pittsburgh-72 East Tennessee State-62
Xavier-77 Portland State-59
UCLA-65 VCU-64
Villanova-80 American-67
Texas-76 Minnesota-62
Duke-86 Binghamton-62

Midwest Regional
Louisville-74 Alabama State-54
Kansas-84 North Dakota State-74
Michigan State-77 Robert Morris-62

South Regional
North Carolina-101 Radford-58
LSU-75 Butler-72
Gonzaga-77 Akron-64
Michigan-62 Clemson-59
Oklahoma-82 Morgan State-54
Arizona State-66 Temple-57
Sycracuse-59 Stephen F. Austin-44

The games that I incorrectly predicted.
East Regional
Oklahoma State-77 Tennessee-75
Wisconsin-61 Florida State-59

Midwest Regional
Sienna-74 Ohio State-72
Arizona-84 Utah-71
Cleveland State-84 Wake Forest-69
Dayton-68 West Virgina-60
Southern California-72 Boston College-55

South Regional
Western Kentucky-76 Illinois-72

Play-in Game
Morehead State-58 Alabama State-43

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